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Homeowners usually have two very important reasons for owning a home: first, they like to live in it; second, they value the investment of their capital. How do you get the best bang for your buck? When you hire landscaping services in New Jersey, you not only get to enjoy the beautiful home that you live in, you can trust that these services may increase the value of your home. Read on to find out the best landscaping and design services that make your house sell better!
By the Numbers: How Much can Landscaping Increase Your Home’s Value?

While the specific impact of landscaping on a home is difficult to measure, the best estimates indicate that homes with landscaping see a 5-12% increase in sales value. To put that in perspective, that would be an additional $10-24K on a $200K home! These figures vary widely and depend on a number of other factors as well, such as the upkeep of the surrounding areas, property sales rates, and the economy. However, you can probably safely bet on seeing your investment pay off if your project is equivalent to about 5% of your home’s value. So, which landscaping services in NJ pay off the best?

Manicured Design
The most commonly sought-after landscaping element for new home buyers is a manicured design. What does that mean? A manicured landscape is one that is intentionally and carefully planned. Trees are not “squished” together, sprinklers reach all the grassy areas, and everything fits together nice. When you hire a landscape design company in NJ, we can help your lawn achieve this look!

Plant Size and Maturity
The next most important factor is the size and maturity of the plants on your property. Buyers love established plant life, so having mature plants in your yard is important. If your yard features a mature plant, your landscapers in NJ can work with you to retain this element and design around it to look natural. If not, we can help to source appropriately-sized plants to give your property the elegance it deserves.

Diversity of Plant Life
People buying homes today are interested in plants—and more than just your standard ones! For an interesting landscape that is sure to attract nature lovers, talk with your landscape professional about bringing in a wide variety of natural NJ foliage!

Whether you are redesigning your home before a sale, or would just like to justify that big, fancy landscape project you have in mind, remember that your investment is likely to pay off in the future! Make it the best it can be, with the fewest hassles, when you schedule with Field of Dreams!