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We are a full-service landscape company in New Jersey

Our work on residential homes, commercial businesses, nonprofits,
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Unlike many other landscaping companies, Field of Dreams never uses subcontractors.
When you schedule a landscaping project with us,
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Landscaping offers so many ways to “green” your next project!
Make your lawn water efficient, earth-friendly, and perfectly suited to the natural climate of northern NJ
when you work with Field of Dreams!

Our Services

Customized Fertilization Programs

If you want the best lawn on the block, you will need fertilizer. The typical grass that most businesses have consumes a lot of resources from the soil, and without refueling the soil, your grass won’t be as beautiful and green as it could be! Further, special plants, flowers, and trees may also need special fertilizers to promote the best growth and success. Field of Dreams landscaping in NJ offers customization fertilization programs, applied directly to your lawn, helping it to grow brighter and fuller. Liquid fertilizers typically seep deeper into the soil than granular or powdered fertilizer, helping the roots of your lawn get the nutrients they need. Call today to schedule a fertilizing appointment, or to set up full lawn maintenance services in NJ.